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Morning Glow - Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge, Socorro, New Mexico 2015

gI have been to Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico four times now since my first introduction to this amazing place in 2009. I just returned from my most recent visit this past weekend.
The official bird count for the refuge on November 25 included 13,401 snow geese, as well as 3,899 cranes and 9,269 ducks, all migratory species that overwinter in the refuge.
The alarm was set for 4:30 every dark, frigid morning so that our group could be positioned and ready for the brief span of time when the sky lightens at dawn and the huge flocks of resident birds take flight en route to their feeding grounds.
Regardless, the experience of being there as the sun rises, the birds lift off, and the morning begins is well worth a few days of sleeplessness.
The rising sun illuminates the mountain peaks in shades of rose and lavender as the white snow geese wing their way into the sky. Slow shutter panning technique makes for many failures and the occasional awesome success in creating an image that satisfies my artistic aspirations.
Nikon D810, 1/20 sec at f/18, ISO 500, 600mm (600mm f/4.0)
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