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Blood Moon and Clouds - Tucson, Arizona 2015

Mondays come around really quick now that I have set myself a deadline! Which I will have to put on hiatus as we’re off to our boat with no internet for the next month. Storytelling posts will recommence mid-February.
Since I posted a lunar eclipse photo last Monday, one taken under less than ideal conditions and personal attitude, I thought I’d follow up with one taken in an optimal scenario.
The total lunar eclipse of September 27, 2015, was a lazy photographer’s dream. For starters, totality was visible from my own home town of Tucson. No need to drive or fly to a distant destination to observe - brownie point #1. Brownie point #2 - not only was this a total eclipse of the moon, but it was a Super Moon as well! And best of all, here in Tucson, the eclipse took place during prime time! Totality commenced at 7:11 p.m. local time and ended at 8:24 p.m. No need to set alarm clocks - instead I was able to set up my tripod, camera and lens during the sunset hours while I could still read the settings on my camera without a flashlight.
Husband Mike came along with a bottle of wine and two glasses and set himself up on the nearby patio furniture, and when the time was right I just clicked away. The wispy clouds added some individual character to my shot, which otherwise was a scene photographed by the thousands (tens of thousands?) around the world.
Nikon D4 .5 sec at f/4.0, ISO 200, 400mm (200.0-400.0 mm f/4..0), tripod. Composite of two photos.
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