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Carol's artwork was first presented to the public in 2010 in a shared exhibition with her sister Patty Brooks Hosmer, also a photographer. The event, entitled "Worlds of Possibilities", was hosted by the Northern Trust Bank and garnered enthusiastic reviews from the attendees. A catalog of Carol's images as presented in the exhibition is available for purchase. Please see the Books category on this website under the Products menu.

Currently Carol's work is represented by AGORA GALLERY, a contemporary fine arts gallery located in the Chelsea fine arts district of New York City. An upcoming exhibit, "The Substance of Form", is scheduled for July 29 through August 19, 2014, with an artists' reception on July 31. A portfolio of signed limited edition works are available for purchase either through Agora's ARTmine website or by contacting Carol directly.

In addition Carol is a professional member of the Equine Photographers Network where she maintains a portfolio of her equestrian images.

Carol is also a member of the newly formed Old Fort Lowell Artists Group in Tucson, Arizona, and will be exhibiting in the association's first collective exhibition in September 2014.

"I came across your photography on your website, and was very impressed with your work. Your photographs have such impressive energy and beautiful composition." - Elizabeth Duker-Gold, Agora Gallery

"I just spent 30 minutes reading about your adventures on the Avatar blog! Great articles and amazing photos." - David Marx, professional photographer and educator

"...we here at SetSail are big fans of The Avatar Logs, the blog and photo site of Carol Parker and her adventures with husband Mike aboard FPB64, Avatar...Carol Parker is an avid and talented photographer. She lends a keen, inspired eye to every port and passage. The images alone elicit emotion, but the casual, well-informed travel narratives make for a complete package...the SetSail crew greedily devours Carol's exciting, art-filled updates every chance we get. We invite you to do the same." - Sarah Dashew, professional recording artist and evangelist for SetSail yacht design.

All my life I have had a love for classical art and photography and over the years pursued training in both fields. My background includes watercolor and oil painting, charcoal and pen and ink drawing, and darkroom black and white photography. When the digital age dawned in the 21st century it immediately captured my interest, and as the technology matured I turned to photography as my preferred means of expression.

I truly love the artistic freedom I experience as a photographer. My goal is to utilize the camera as an artistic medium, capturing images that serve as a foundation upon which I continue to build in the digital darkroom (otherwise known as my desktop computer), refining and embellishing to express my own creative vision. It is not my intent to present a literal interpretation of the world. Instead, using composition, color and gesture, I hope to evoke the artistic essence of the subject matter that touched my imagination. The images I select for my portfolio are those that have a painterly quality without straying too far from the photographic reality of the original capture. These become lasting souvenirs of brief moments frozen in time, beauty captured and shared to feed the soul.

My eclectic portfolio is influenced by my life, past and present. I live on a rural property near Tucson, Arizona, where I raise horses destined for competitive show jumping. In contrast to that desert environment, my husband and I take frequent extended trips to the South Pacific aboard a cruising yacht. As a result my image collection is heavily weighted towards exotic locales and seascapes. I am also a certified advanced open water scuba diver so my camera accompanies me both above and below the water. When home from the sea I concentrate on nature, wildlife and equestrian subjects. For me, photography has opened the door to adventure and continues to lead me in new and fascinating directions.

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Images on this website may be purchased as fine art prints, both open editions and signed limited edition prints. Please contact me directly via email regarding fulfillment.